Brown Remediation
Brown Remediation


Brown Remediation  TechnologyMulti-Phase Extraction (MPE), also known as MEME (mobile, enhanced multi-phase extraction), remediates contaminants in multi-phases such as aqueous liquid, non-aqueous liquid, and gas to clean up sites in a fraction of the time of other technologies.  The technology involved is considered the state-of-the-art in groundwater remediation. 

MPE systems remove vapors and liquids simultaneously from the subsurface. Ambient air (5 to 20 cubic feet per minute) is drawn down the casing of monitoring wells, across the groundwater interface, and back up a drop tube, providing the necessary lift to extract subsurface groundwater. An airflow gauge attached to a well head is used to measure the amount of ambient air, which is subtracted from the total flow. Additionally, vacuum gauges are used to measure the extraction vacuum, as well as the vacuum applied to the subsurface stratigraphy.  

The extracted vapors and liquids are transferred to a mobile treatment system, where the liquids are separated and discharged into a storage tank for proper disposal. Soil vapors are transferred to a forced air thermal oxidation (ThOx) unit and incinerated at approximately 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit. The treated air is then discharged into the atmosphere. Click here to review a process flow diagram for the Brown Remediation, Inc. MPE system.

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