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Brown Remediation

Brown Remediation — Mack Truck


Using our brand-new Mack trucks with 3,000-gallon stainless-steel tanks, we haul nearly twice the liquid load of other companies, so your clients will save on water transportation costs.

Brown Remediation went to great lengths to provide for the safety of the system. The thermal oxidizer (ThOx) package was designed by a professional engineer in conjunction with the manufacturer of the Eclipse burner assembly. In order to ensure complete destruction of the constituent of concern, the ThOx package was designed to handle an 850 standard cubic feet per minute (scfm) process stream with a retention time of 1 second.  During normal operation, the blower and burner packages produce a process stream of 550 scfm. The system was constructed with only UL listed components, including the ThOx package.

Two air-actuated valves and a flame arrestor prevent a “blowback” from reaching major fuel handling components and the well field. A digital LEL meter automatically shuts down the system if the process stream reaches an unsafe level for combustion. All critical system parameters are constantly monitored and controlled by an Allen Bradley PLC with cellular fault notification. This allows the system to be safely operated while unattended during 24-hour events and provides the operator with fault notification during the entire operational period. Even the 2,000-gallon holding tank on the trailer was designed with safety in mind, allowing longer periods of rest for the operator during extended events.

In order to maintain more accurate data, Brown Remediation incorporated digital capsuhelics with a resolution of .01 inch of water column, digital pressure transmitters, and digital temperature transmitters. All of the pertinent data are displayed on a central display screen, where the operator has access to all of the system controls.  All readings used to calculate recovery volumes are taken from the discharge side of the blower package. This allows the concentration of the process stream to be taken in the same conditions as the flow, temperature, and pressure readings.

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